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Brooklyn based collage artist and graphic designer Arturo Herman Medrano III asked me to participate in an ongoing world wide blog hop by answering four questions and asking three others to take part as well. They will be answering and posting their answers next Monday.

I am inviting
Danny Collage

What am I working on?

I’ve been busy drawing a lot lately, working on the next INOUITOOSH collection  and consequently I’ve had to neglect my collage blog a little…However designing a scarf can be close to making collages as in the matryoshka shawl down below .

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

You can’t decide in advance whether or not you’re going to be able to create the unique piece which is going to truly reflects who you are…Unlike a drawing for example a collage practically creates itself, there’s a big part of chance.

Why do I create what I do?

I guess making collages is a way for me to connect with the artists that I love especially the Surrealists who helped greatly to popularize this art.

How does your creating process work?

My collages are imaginary puzzles. Like a puzzle, pieces are scattered at first and come together one by one to form an image. The imaginary comes into play as the pieces of my puzzles are dispersed throughout different times and places in history. I never know what a collage will look like, or when it is finished until the final piece is in position, and then, it is as if the image has always existed, as if it was created by fate, and yet it is chance and accident that guided me. Many of my collages require only two or three juxtapositions to be complete, while others require more. Sometimes my juxtapositions are contradictory, and other times they are complimentary. However, they always seek to elude logic, maintain ambiguity, and thereby, provide a multiplicity of meanings. I focus on as many as twenty collages at one time, so that the hectic, plentitude of materials—illustrations from magazines, photographs, color and white space—tricks my mind into a kind of automatism. Through this method I dismiss rational thought, and my collages become the work of my subconscious. Out of this chaos, new heteroclite images spring into life—absurdity and serenity find a place in my workimage